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Mediation Services

The Bowen Law Group recognizes that many times the best way to resolve a dispute quickly, fairly and in a cost-effective manner is to avoid going to court altogether. Our firm is thus proud to offer certified civil and domestic mediation services to those individuals, companies and families looking for an alternative to litigation.

Mediation is an informal and confidential way for parties to resolve conflicts with the help of a neutral mediator who is trained to help the parties reach a negotiated agreement in a stress-free, cooperative environment.  The mediator does not issue a ruling or decide who is right or wrong, but rather helps the parties work out their own creative solutions to the contested issues.  A mediation can be commenced at any step of the litigation process, but can be most effective when undertaken prior to suit even being filed.

The advantages of mediation are well-known within the legal community.  Not only are all of the parties allowed to tell their stories in an effort to promote closure and understanding, but they are also encouraged to creatively collaborate to reach an agreement that is fair and viable to both sides.  This process is not only faster and less expensive than litigation, but it can minimize emotional damage and preserve relationships (particularly in domestic and business matters) that must be maintained after the court proceedings have ended.  In addition, the entire process is completely confidential and takes place in private meeting rooms rather than a public courtroom.

Because the mediator must remain neutral, The Bowen Law Group cannot represent either party either before or after the mediation thus avoiding any possibility of a conflict of interest.  As a neutral third party, we work to ensure that the exchanges between the parties are kept respectful and productive in an effort to bring a peaceful resolution to even the most contentious of disputes.

The Bowen Law Group has the facilities, experience and training necessary to create a safe environment for negotiations.  We will seek to empower and encourage the parties to work together to break impasses and facilitate constructive dialogue and creative solutions.  No matter the size of the issue, mediation can be an invaluable tool to those seeking to avoid the often extreme stress, time and expense of litigation. The Bowen Law Group is always glad to take the time to discuss the mediation process and assist you in making a determination as to whether your dispute may benefit from mediation rather than litigation.