The Bowen Law Group Releases Brand New E-Book

December 14, 2015 | Charles Bowen

Cover-The_Little_Book_of_Trademark_Law_for_Startups_and_Small_Businesses2.jpgThe eBook, entitled “The Little Book of Trademark Law for Startups and Small Businesses,” provides owners with an easy-to-read legal resource about building and fostering a good reputation. A brand can make or break a new business, and the process of creating, developing, and protecting that brand is a crucial step in the development of a company. However, business owners and operators don’t always understand their legal rights and responsibilities, and that’s where the eBook comes in.

Using the expertise he’s gained from years of experience as a practicing corporate lawyer, firm founder and author Charles Bowen has created a book that contains all the fundamental information a small or new business might need about trademarks and the importance of having a strong brand. “The reputation and goodwill earned by a company, however intangible, represents substantial value to the business. Building and protecting a brand may even be a necessary step to ensuring the survival and prosperity of an enterprise,” Bowen explains in “The Little Book of Trademark Law.”  

Along with explaining the importance of creating a strong brand and, therefore, a strong reputation for a business, The Bowen Law Group’s eBook also provides essential information about trademarks, including:

  • What they are
  • How to choose one
  • Applying for one
  • Protecting the investment

The eBook defines what a trademark is and how it can help a business, as well as explaining what doesn’t constitute a trademark. It also goes over the importance of choosing a trademark that reflects company values. Part of this is also creating a mark that sets a business apart from the competition, and doesn’t create confusion with any other existing brands. There’s also important information about the advantages of protecting a trademark by registering it with the U.S. Patent Office, what to expect from the trademark application process, and how to put together a strong application. The final piece of the puzzle is protecting a trademark and brand by explaining how to manage infringement issues, and when to involve an attorney.

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Topics: Georgia Law for Small Businesses and Startups, trademarks