Product Recalls - What Georgia Businesses Need to Know

April 9, 2015 | Charles Bowen


How do product recalls impact Georgia businesses and what should be done to minimize liability?


Recalling unsafe products can be a logistical and financial challenge but is a much-preferred strategy to exposing your customers to potential risks. Take every measure to prevent recalls and understand the process of when and how they are executed.

Any company that manufactures, distributes or sells products to the public has a responsibility to ensure those products are safe. Even with strict quality control procedures and the best of intentions, some unsafe products make it to the marketplace. Regardless of whether components of your products are faulty, defective, mislabeled or damaged in transport, you may face severe consequences such as product recalls and litigation if they have the potential to harm consumers or the environment. While you may be unable to control the entire supply chain (i.e., a batch of ingredients may have been exposed to a contaminating bacteria by your supplier even though all samples passed internal testing), you must take responsibility for the final product.

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