The Benefits of Hiring a Mediator to Resolve a Legal Dispute

July 27, 2016 | Charles Bowen

mediation.jpgThere are many options available to those involved in a legal dispute with another party. They may take the other party to court to present their legal challenge. If the issue is a criminal matter, they may involve the police. But more often than not, most disputes can be resolved through the use of legal mediation. Within this article, we’ll look at the benefits of hiring a mediator to resolve a legal dispute.

Streamline the Settlement Process

For those who are claiming that the other party owes them money, going through a mediator can help reduce the time it takes to reach a settlement. It may take many years for a case to wind its way through the legal system and actually end up in court. And then the process may take several more years if the case is appealed. Mediation provides the ideal way for both parties to move on with their lives quickly and efficiently.


Mutually Agreed Upon Outcomes

Mediation allows for greater levels of communication between the two parties. It can make the entire process far less acrimonious and ensure that the result is mutually acceptable to everyone involved. The mediator will speak with both parties to determine the details of their cases and then reach a conclusion based on their findings and the current laws governing the area of dispute.


Mediator-Based Resolutions Have a Higher Rate of Compliance

The data shows that when a mediator imposes a legal ruling during a case, the parties involved are more likely to comply with that ruling than when the ruling is imposed by an outside third party. Those who wish to overcome the issue and move forward while ensuring they receive compensation should consider the value that compliance rates bring to the process.


Customized Agreements

The mediation process allows for the two parties to come to a specific agreement covering their case. This agreement can be customized according to the circumstances involved and the parties’ unique requirements. Agreements achieved through mediation can also include extra-legal details that are not subject to law, but require resolution as part of the case. It’s a process that helps ensure greater levels of satisfaction with the final result and higher levels of personal control.

By working with a trusted mediator in resolving your personal or professional dispute with another party, you can mitigate many of the costs and the time involved in following more complex legal strategies. Feel free to contact The Bowen Law Group to learn more about the benefits of working with an experienced mediator.

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