Georgia Attorney General

March 12, 2013 | Charles Bowen

rsz_at_general_pictures_042The Office of the Attorney General advises and represents all state agencies that protect the rights of Georgia consumers, including the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection, the Public Service Commission, the Georgia Equal Opportunity Commission, the State Board of Workers Compensation, the Georgia Department of Insurance, and many others. In addition, the Consumer Interests Section represents Georgia in all matters relating to the enforcement of the landmark 1998 Master Settlement Agreement with the tobacco industry.

Acting in concert with our clients, the attorneys of the Office of the Attorney General have shut down loan sharks, fraudulent telemarketing schemes, sweepstakes scams, merchants that engage in price gouging during states of emergency, discrimination in housing, and other illegal practices aimed at Georgia citizens. We have also seized the assets of the people who conduct these schemes, and distributed the proceeds back to their victims as restitution. Our office is committed to the full enforcement of Georgia’s consumer protection and civil rights laws.