Bloomberg Daily Legal News

March 12, 2013 | Charles Bowen

Bloomberg Law is a legal and business intelligence, news and research system designed for leading legal professionals who are focused on delivering superior client service. By integrating Bloomberg’s renowned news, company and financial data with exceptional primary and secondary legal research and business development tools, Bloomberg Law delivers an advantage to legal professionals who handle the most complex legal matters. Presented in a sophisticated yet easy-to-use interface, Bloomberg Law allows subscribers unlimited desktop and mobile access to all the information in the system—as often as they want and whenever they want.

Bloomberg Law’s intuitive interface is designed to jump-start your research with unrestricted resources and tools that help you be more proactive. You’ll get a deeper, fuller understanding of complex legal issues with insightful, real-world guidance from top practitioners and thought leaders. You’ll access vital legal information that’s seamlessly integrated with Bloomberg’s renowned news and financial information, so you can add even more value to clients. And with Bloomberg Law’s superior 24/7 customer support, you’ll always have assistance and training options whenever—and wherever—you need it.